Thrive Peru Experience

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“A Life-Changing Experience”

Through the Thrive Peru Experience, you will become part of the Casa Sana family and return home with a renewed energy for life and a new appreciation for all that you have. The Thrive Peru Experience is full of Contribution, Culture and Connection.

Contribution – this experience supports Casa Sana and the local communities.
Culture – you will be invited into the homes of the Casa Sana kids and the Casa Sana Headquarters. You will be immersed into the Peruvian Culture up close and very personal.
Connection – the connections you make on this trip will last a lifetime. You will be helping people who can NEVER repay you monetarily but will ALWAYS repay you with appreciation and deep gratitude. You will be eating homemade Peruvian Cuisine made by the Casa Sana Elders, meals are an event and full of love. laughter and connection.

Other attractions to see on your trip to Peru – either before or after your Thrive Peru Experience:

  1. Cusco and Machu Picchu
  2. Nazca Lines
  3. Lake Titicaca
  4. Amazon
  5. Longest Wave – Trujillo
  6. Many more

Join us:

  • 3 days of immersion into the Peruvian Culture
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Cost of community service while in Piura, Peru

Add our 3-day voluntourism experience to your trip to Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, Nasca Lines and Lake Titicaca.
You won’t be disappointed!

Voluntourism: Discover the World and make it a better place at the same time. By giving your time to a community in need, it puts you in immediate and intimate contact with the locals. You’ll gain a new sense of gratitude and appreciation you can’t get in any other way.

“Traveling to Peru has easily been the greatest joy in my life. I experienced what true happiness and love feels like and I learned a lot about myself. I went to Peru in hopes of helping others when actually they were the ones helping me. ” – P. Glissman

Our Experience is guaranteed to bring you Laughter, Love and an experience of a LIFETIME.
Cost is $399
Contact Madena Parsley for more information or to book your trip today!

“Thrive Peru Experience was definitely life changing for me, seeing how happy and grateful everyone was with what little they had taught me that true happiness comes fromwithin. I realized that no matter where you come from and who you re, we are all one. Thrive Peru–hands down–has been the best time of my life.” – Kyle K.